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Winshuttle offers complete interactive courses and simulations to build your product knowledge. If you are a business user or an admin, you can learn the modules for every product and user role within your organization by taking the eLearning courses. If you are new or an experienced user, you can watch an instructional video, practice the concept via a simulation or view a step-by-step guide for applying the concept to your own use case. There are advanced courses in every user role which will help you gain a larger set of skills by introducing you to the concept, practicing simulations on it and assessing them to measure your understanding.

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Studio Developers - These are the Winshuttle users that work with Winshuttle Studio as their tool to create scripts. These users can create Transaction, Query, and Direct scripts using Winshuttle Studio. 

Evolve/Studio Manager Administrators - These are Winshuttle users that work with Winshuttle Evolve/Studio Manager as their tool to manage users, licenses, apps, processes, tasks, etc. The series of courses for this user type is intended for Global administrators, App administrators, and Reports administrators. 

Solution Developers - These are Winshuttle users that develop Solutions (form and/or workflow) in Composer and/or Evolve, after creating or receiving a script created by someone else.

Studio Runners - These are Winshuttle users that execute scripts in Studio, Excel, Foundation or Evolve. They can also run a script that has been created by someone else.

User License Administrators - These are Winshuttle users that define each role. They establish the license assignment and the user creation as well as the maintenance of the Connect, Studio Manager, Evolve, and/or Foundation licenses.


Business User – These are EnterWorks users whose primary purpose is to manage content and use core features of EnterWorks to perform tasks in the system. They are familiar with key data model terms and functions in order to understand the structure of business data that is implemented within the tool.

Business Administrator - These are EnterWorks users whose primary purpose is to administer the implemented data model. They are responsible for the management and administration of the existing model within the tool and are the primary support for a Business User by overseeing the management of the implemented EnterWorks solution through components such as Attributes, Validations, Code Sets, Taxonomies, and Hierarchies. 

System Administrator - These are EnterWorks users whose primary purpose is to ensure that the EnterWorks application is running properly. They support users by managing system access, security, and perform basic troubleshooting of the system to identify issues within the tool.

Solution Consultant – These are EnterWorks users who have a deep understanding of performing both Business User and Administrative tasks within the system. They are capable of implementing a complete solution of technical requirements designed by a Solution Architect. They are proficient with Data Modeling and are able to create Repositories, build Sequences, set up Promotions, enable Triggers, build Workflows, and more within the tool.

Solution Architect - These are EnterWorks users whose primary set of responsibilities are to identify business requirements, translate requirements into EnterWorks core functionality, document planned implemented solutions, and use advanced Data Modeling techniques to solve complex problems. They are capable of performing all of the same tasks as a Solution Consultant, but can also design robust, flexible, and achievable solutions within the tool.

System Deployment Manager - These are EnterWorks users whose primary purpose is to support the architecture and installation of the application and any add-ons. They have a deep understanding of the application’s configurations and services. They perform application maintenance tasks, such as patching, and ensure that the system is running properly by evaluating the performance of the underlying hardware through monitoring components within the tool.

Application Developer - These are EnterWorks users whose primary purpose is to develop scripts, code, and utilize the Application Programming Interface (API) to extend the product to solve complex problems that cannot be solved through core EnterWorks features and configuration. They have a strong knowledge of EnterWorks APIs and are familiar with underlying data structures. They are responsible for developing what has been configured by a Solution Consultant, a Solution Architect, or a System Deployment Manager.